Tell Your Landlord… Ways to Save Money Using the Best Tankless Gas Heaters and Much More

Tell Your Landlord… Ways to Save Money Using the Best Tankless Gas Heaters and Much More

It is always a struggle to convince your landlord to spruce up your flat, especially when it involves having them spend a lot of money. That’s how many students end up with leaky windows and skyrocketing heat bills, or inefficient shower heads that run up your water tab as well.


Here are some efficient repairs and renovations you can persuade your landlords to make, which will benefit everyone involved. Especially if your landlords pay for some or all utilities, these will be easiest to sell. You will use less energy in your flat, and maintenance costs for landlords will go down.


CFL/LED light bulbs

Many tenants have our own lamps and other furniture with bulbs, but most of us still use the household lights in the kitchen or bathroom. Next time a bulb needs to be replaced, ask your landlord to consider a compact fluorescent or LED bulb. Either kind of bulb will save you a larger percentage of electricity cost to run, and they last much longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. You will save money on electricity bills, and your landlords will save money on replacement bulbs. LED bulbs can even last for years!


Low-flow plumbing fixtures

If your landlord cover cold water costs, which most do, you can easily convince them of this fix. Low-flow water fixtures use much less water overall than your average, older plumbing installations. That will save your landlords a lot of money, especially on the cold water fixtures like your toilet. You will also save your own money if you pay for hot water, since you will use less with each shower and when you are doing the dishes. And if you are having trouble making the case, you can look up the water rate restrictions in your area. Most parts of Europe, USA, and Canada have laws which mandate that you purchase water-saving fixtures, so you can use this as an extra way to convince your landlords to do the right thing.


Tankless water heater

These new heaters are much less energy-intensive than the old kind that use big holding tanks of water. They are a surefire way to save money on energy bills.


It will probably be harder to convince your landlords to make the switch to a tankless water heater if you’re the one paying for hot water, but we always think it’s worth a shot.


Here are the key arguments to make. There is much less risk of a damaging leak or flood from a tankless water heater. Tank-based water heaters can leak or rupture, letting countless gallons of water flood the basement or anteroom, and causing mold and other significant damage. Tankless water heaters don’t store water inside, so there’s much less of a risk of damage when they break down. If your landlords pay for hot water costs, it will be even easier to sell. They can also get rebates from many regional authorities to buy tankless water heaters, which makes them cheaper than tank hot water heaters in a lot of cases. And most importantly,  they will save money on the gas or electricity the heater uses to heat your water. Here are some of the best tankless water heater reviews online.


Insulate windows

Double glazing prevents all the heat in your flat from going right out the windows. You should ask your landlords to invest in double-glazed windows if they haven’t already done it, especially if you live in a colder place. If they are the ones paying for heat, this should be an easy sell.


So, when you are trying to persuade your landlords to make renovations, make sure to talk to them about energy efficiency! They can save money by making green choices, and you will both save on utility costs.

-Posted by Sylvain, written by Ryan Collins, forum member

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