The Best Apps for College Students

The Best Apps for College Students

Today, we’ve got for you a list of the best apps for college students, with a brief explanation of why they’re so great.



Mint keeps track of all your personal finances. So many of us students find that our spending goes out of our budget every month, and it can be hard to figure out why. Mint tracks all your spending and categorizes it. Then, you can match it up to your spending goals/budgets in each category for each month. You can stay on top of your grocery bills, and figure out where to trim. It’s my current favorite way to keep the money panic away!




This one is especially good if you study languages at all, or are bilingual. DuoLingo is a practice app that can teach you a new language from scratch, or keep you fluent in languages you already know. There are tons of options, and it adjusts to your knowledge level. I like it because it involves everything, speaking, writing, and grammar quizzes.



LastPass is a simple way to keep track of passwords. Most of us students have a million accounts from loans, universities, textbooks, healthcare and more. This lets you keep them all in one place, and you can use it on whatever device you need to.




Quizlet is an ideal studying tool for people who work in fields that require lots of memorization, like sciences, history or languages. You can make flash cards, share with friends, and test yourself on word banks or terms.




If you write any research papers at all, this is by far the best way we have found to make citations. Let’s face it. None of us knows the difference between Chicago and MLA, and it’s so much easier to let EasyBib do it for you. You just plug in the ISBN and let the app do all the work.


Google Drive

Simple: it lets you get to all your files whenever and wherever you need them. The other cool part is you don’t need to install apps on your computer, because you can edit everything through your web browser.


Self Control


If you give trouble staying off social media, and who doesn’t, this is the best blocker for specific sites. You can set timers for when you need to be focused, and there’s literally no way for you to get around the block until the time is up. Maybe a bit extreme for some of us, but it’s good for building up your own discipline.



The best tool for trading money around without cash. Good for paying back your friends after meals out or other favors. Super easy to use and totally free.

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