Hi, everybody! I’m Sylvain, the creator of etudes-modernes. I originally started this site as a place to share tips and tricks for university survival with my classmates in Lyon, France. However, it seemed like too good of an idea to not share with everybody else! Since I’ve been doing my graduate studies in Boston (USA), I thought it would make sense to change the site over to English to help reach a larger audience.


The whole goal of this site is to help all students everywhere problem-solve and become more resourceful in solving their problems. We are here to share techniques for dealing with difficult landlords, to trade ways to find discounts on textbooks, and to tell our personal stories and feedback for schools, programs, and professors.


Finally, it is always growing, and I am busier than every, so I invite you to chip in! Go to the “Write For Us” page to send me articles you think other students could benefit from, or to suggest topics for the site to cover. You can also use the forum to start a discussion thread with fellow students.


Email us at sylvain@etudes-modernes.ch